Won’t Get Ghouled Again

The creepy abandoned hospital is perfect for ghost-hunting, but this won’t be a normal adventure. Every shriek and shiver will be broadcast LIVE to crystal balls across the realm! Join Mascara Stormfire and friends as they take starring roles in a new kind of entertainment: “reality scry-vision”! A spooky good time had by all at […]

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Knocking on Raven’s Door

On Saturday 24 August BATS Theatre hosted us for another adventure, Knocking on Raven’s Door! Wiremu Tuhiwai, Jarrod Baker, Steven Youngblood and Christine Brooks were our adventurers. The pic shows me (Morgan Davie) behind the DM screen, with NPC specialist Fraser Peat rounding out our stage crew. Make sure you also imagine the fantastic audio […]

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Diceratops Presents: The Podcast

A WILD PODCAST APPEARS! Introducing “Diceratops Presents”, the podcast where you can enjoy recordings of our sold-out live shows, as well as a few other trinkets and treasures along the way! We should be on your favoured podcast provider very soon if we aren’t there already. There’s a preview up now, and the first full […]

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D&D Live: The Diceratops Rules

This Saturday night will be the second ever Diceratops Presents: Dungeons & Dragons Live! We are excited! When we put D&D on stage, we tweak the rules in a few ways to make the experience friendlier to an audience – and to get through more story, faster. Here’s how. Group initiative We use the optional […]

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Kapcon this weekend!

Wellington’s roleplaying game convention Kapcon is happening this weekend! You might have noticed an ad for it on the back of the Bucket Fountain programme. I’m going to be there running games (probably not D&D but there will be some D&D representation for sure). Before I first went to Kapcon, I wondered why I would […]

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