D&D Live: When Dwarves Cry

Bats 17

On March 6, 2020, Diceratops performed on the Random Stage at BATS Theatre in Wellington, as part of the NZ Fringe Festival! The show was a 90-minute fever dream of Prince, family drama, and dwarvish holiday celebrations.

Listen to the show on the Diceratops Presents podcast: Part One and Part Two

Wellingtonista: “I will absolutely go to the next Diceratops show.  These performers are great players, genuinely love the game, and were clearly having a really fun time.  They trusted each other’s cues, kept up the integrity of their characters, and worked hard to keep the action moving and the plot progressing.  If anything, I wish I’d been playing with them.”

Art Murmurs: “It is a good way to introduce friends to the game if they have an interest and especially if you’re a fan of the podcast, it is an absolute riot.”

Theatreview: “The show was able to reach the perfect balance between comedic, light-hearted fun while also addressing serious topics like grief and loss of loved ones. While the audience may have assumed Randy the Dwarf adventured for the excitement of the journey, the truth is truly much deeper than that, proven by his admission that he doesn’t have a home to return to, his home is dead. The moments where the characters softened and allowed themselves to be seen by the audience fully were what made the show truly magnificent.”