D&D Live: Don’t Dream It’s Ogre

Official Fringe Festival Promotional Imagery

It’s over! Or should I say it’s ogre?

We delivered three KNOCKOUT performances of D&D Live: Don’t Dream It’s Ogre across the Wellington Fringe Festival. These were completely standalone fun experiences but ALSO they tied in and wrapped up a bunch of ongoing threads from the greater saga of Randy’s Bunch!

First, Mascara Stormfire and Jackwick Gambleson took on the Dream Ogre in an exciting and heartwrenching quest, on night one (podcast episode 61).

Then, Ford the Ranger and Frun Grothilde had to deal with a more vicious Dream Ogre in a nightmarish encounter in a dark forest, on night two (podcast episode 62).

Finally, Frun and Jackwick dove into the dreamworld to take on the Dream Ogre at his own game, on night three (podcast episode 63).

But that’s not all!

We had a great review from Theatreview: Adventure, inspired puns and belly laughs

In the buildup we had a few exciting media appearances, like this piece in the Dominion Post/Stuff: The Rise of Dungeons & Dragons on the Capital Stage

Actors, from left, Thom Adams, Julz Burgisser, Wiremen Tuhiwai, Jarrod Baker, Steven Youngblood and Morgan Davie from the Diceratops group.

And even more exciting, this extended TV appearance on beloved morning show Breakfast:

Thom also guested on Don Luchito’s Amplifier show on RadioActive, but we don’t have a recording of that, d’oh!

What a Fringe it was!